Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hopefully you all in the blessing of Allah and know your real destination.

             I like watching movie and drama but no for variety show. I don't know why, maybe i don't really like because they don't have any story line. Even though, there is a story line but not that kind of story line in the movie or drama were having. haha.

            Even if, the movie has been release a years ago. huhu. We are in the year of 2017 la. So, it is a little bit late for that. Instead of that, I still would like to write a little bit about a moral of the story from a Split movie. From the title we could see that, what it is about. It is about multiple or a scratch. If it story about a person it is about personality. A person who have multiple personalities. It is a disorder. For me they created a situation to run away from it. Run away from the reality. Thats why they create it. That is just two cent from me. This is just the beginning.

           Moreover, i see how powerful and wonderful a person could be by a determination and believe. They said "we are, what we are believe to be". The word proven by how many wonderful things happen around us. How a person without a hand could draw and how a blind person could read. Can't you see? In the split he has multiple of different personalities, a different talent, a different gender and so on. The total  of the personality he has is 23 personalities. Then, they believe in that they could be more. More than human can be. For me, it is not totally beyond human capability because it is not really as he said but as he believed.

           The 24th personality is a very strong man and he is a cannibal. There are cannibal in this world. He just transform himself to be more. He might be So, i believe that we could be what we want to be but not everything in this world happening just like we were planned. Allah has a best plan for us and He is the best planner.

Belief and believe from SN.

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