Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Love Your Family

Assalamualaikum wbt 😘
In the name of Allah, I would love to say that hopefully we are all in the rahmah of Allah. Allah loves us. 
I said "you are the best when you are being yourself ".

But later then i found this "the best among you are those who is best to their family". 

Then, " the best of you is the one who is best to his family, and i am the best of you to my family"
(Sahih, al tirmidhi and ibn majah)

Some people are very kind as we can see on his/her apperances and attitudes. But, that's not all. Why? Because we are not perfect and people always judge on the physical, appearances and attitudes. "Don't judges a book by its cover" Yes, I do agree our attitude show who we are but not that all. We can see some people that we know that was very kind-hearted and good manner but they are not like that to their family. 

I heard some story from someone called Mak. She said her friend son destroy her houses to make a tahfiz. Wow... that is so good. But a mother would always accomplish her son request or good intention even that could destroy her heart. Hmmm... After that, where should she lives? You see. Even your grandpa has been long time ago pass away your grandma or nenek or opah would stay there and don't want to leave her home. Even sometimes, she would say that's she can't live in that home. That was just her thinking not her feeling. See how many nenek-nenek would rather stay alone than leaving their house? They could not leave for more than a week. 

Ok, why I talking about mother not family deh? huhu Why not? Isn't your mother is your family too?  I didn't say that i was good to my family but would rather say that i try to be like that. I love my family more after grew up cause I see so much and I learn so much. How could I can be more kind to my friends than my family? Its not that, I suggested to to be kind only to your family but put your family in priority.  

Hopefully, we could be someone better in a better way. We are not looking for perfection because no one is perfect but we can be a better person than yesterday.

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